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Somers Town wishes – a community video …

Everyone has dreams, hopes and wishes for where they live. Somers Town voices will be our voices on video saying what we’d like for Somers Town – in  ‘soundbites’.

Get involved – add your voice  or  film someone.

What’s it all about?

Somers Town residents speaking on film. The aim is to film as many residents’ ‘voices’ to represent all in Somers Town… young or old, working or unemployed, disabled or fit…it’s a way of getting the most voices heard. But only for a minute each!

The videos will then be compiled on a website and shown at an event in Somers Town.

Who does it?

  • You – as many of you who want to get involved – filming or being filmed
  • You film your friend, your neighbour or a relative then they film their friend etc. …


  • Use a smartphone or a camera with video
  • Do it at home, at the market or in the shop or school.
  1. Explain and ask permission as the clip may be shown on a website.
  2. Ask the person what they wish for where they live – in one sentence
  3. Record the person speaking and stop at one minute or edit it down.
  4. Ask that person to film someone else (to continue so more of us are involved.
  5. Send it to us (address below)

Keep it short – this is NOT an interview: it’s a sound bite. 

Tip: What are your wishes for Somers Town? Start with: ‘I’d like…’  ‘I want…’ or ‘I wish …’

Note: You may want to have more than one go.

Also, we aim to use the whole clip as you filmed it but we reserve the right to edit (slightly) unsuitable clips.

What are the rules?

  • The person filming and the one filmed MUST be from Somers Town.
  • Anything can be said – only about your wishes – nothing else.
  • NO abuse, NO racism, NO offensive stuff.
  • Film head and shoulder only or just the voice – don’t need to give names
  • Keep it short – Less than one minute

Right, how do I get involved?

Do it and email: for a link to a Dropbox location where files will be stored.

If you have skills in filming and want to mentor others or help in editing and compiling, let me know!

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